Lennox Head Medical Centre is a private billing medical practice. This enables your GP to maintain the highest standard of care.

Our standard appointment is 15 minutes.

Due to the lack of adequate indexation of the Medicare rebate over many years, the practice is no longer able to offer bulk billing. This decision also applies to Health Care Card Holders and Children over 8 years of age.

Discounts may be available for Pensioners, Health Care Card Holders, Seniors Card Holders and Children.

Your doctor at Lennox Head Medical Centre and Epiq Medical Centre Lennox Head may offer bulk billing for those eight years old and under and for those with an Aged Pension, who are regular patients of the practice and for shorter consultations.

In general, if you are registered at another practice under MyMedicare it is better if you attend that practice for your care needs, full fees apply to those registered at another practice, if eligible you can change your registration on your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile app. if you wish.

Occasionally doctors may either charge a rebate-only fee or bulk bill if multiple items are billed on the same day, if multiple family members have been seen on the day or for complex consultations such as GP Management Plans or over 75-year-old Health Assessments.

Fees will vary according to the time spent with your doctor and any procedures performed during the consultation. Some doctors have different fees and billing decisions are at their discretion, so should their rates cause personal hardship or there are special circumstances please discuss this with your doctor during your consultation.

Bulk billing has become untenable and has now reached the point where bulk billing results in your doctor receiving around 50% of the normal fee for the service.

Between 2012 and 2022, Medicare rebates increased by an average of just over 1% each year.

Rebates for standard GP consultations were completely frozen (i.e. did not receive an annual indexation increase from the government) between 2014 and 2018.

Since 2019 rebate increases have not kept up with inflation, rental costs or the wages for our staff.

Payment is required at the time of consultation and cash, EFTPOS and credit card (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted.

We can lodge your claim with Medicare at the time of payment. If you pay by debit card your rebate can be transferred immediately to your bank account by Medicare, alternatively, Medicare can usually transfer to your nominated bank account overnight.

A list of indicative fees and Medicare rebates is available in our waiting room.

If you feel the government should be doing more to support your Medicare rebate please contact your local member of parliament.

All medical services are provided by your GP. The centre does not directly provide medical services to the public. The centre and/or its authorised representatives provide your doctor with Practice Management Services according to their instructions. Your GP is responsible to you for all conduct and sets their fee at their discretion.