Careers and training






Careers and training

Lennox Head is a beautiful town with a wonderful coastal environment, great schools, a strong network of GPs and other health professionals with the services close by to provide the very best comprehensive care, while still being small enough to be able to make a meaningful difference to our community.

If you have the skills and passion and want to make a difference, please consider joining our team and you can look forward to experiencing how a career in Lennox Head can benefit the health and well-being of our community.

We have the skills and team to support you, so give us a call or email us and we can start your journey to be the best you can be delivering the highest quality care to our community.

Lennox Head Medical Centre is also a committed training practice as we are keen to attract exceptional doctors and nurses to our region.

From time to time medical and nursing students may sit in with patients during a consultation.

We always seek patient consent if we’d like to include students or trainee staff in a consultation.