GP services






Your GP delivers high-quality general practice services for the whole family and at every stage of life. As well as providing acute care for immediate problems, they also help you manage your health with appropriate, evidence-based screening and check-ups.


All medical services are provided by your GP. The centre does not directly provide medical services to the public. The centre and/or its authorised representatives provide your doctor with Practice Management Services according to their instructions. Your GP is responsible to you for all conduct and sets their fee at their discretion.



Health checks and assessments

Preventative health strategies

Chronic disease management

GP management plans

Preventative health

To live your best life


Including travel vaccines

Occupational medicine

Insurance medicals

Family planning

Contraception and fertility

Pregnancy care

Antenatal shared care

Family health

Kids, adults and over 50s

Health after 50

Health action

Iron infusions

For iron deficiencies


Remote consultations

Injury and wound care

Sporting injuries

Minor surgical procedures

Skin cancer removal

Mental health

Support and treatment


Staying safe