Occupational medicine




Work-related injury or illness management

We provide occupational health assessments for Asbestos medicals and spray painters. These medicals are booked and paid for by your employer

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Our doctors can help you with your worker’s compensation claim, if you wish to receive compensation for lost time or medical expenses, our doctors are required to complete a Workers Compensation Medical Certificate.

Process to ensure you comply with WorkCover requirements

Report your injury

You’ll need to report your injury or work-related illness to your employer (or supervisor) as soon as possible. Your employer should have a Register of Injuries book where you can log the details of your injury/illness. If you can’t do this yourself, then make sure you ask your employer or supervisor to do this for you.

Get hold of a claim form

Ask your employer for a claim form from their Workers Compensation Insurer. By law, they must tell you the name of their insurance company, so if the claim form is not available from your employer, you can obtain it directly from their insurance company.

Return the claim form to your employer

Once you have completed your claim form, return it to your employer, along with your WorkCover Medical. You can also attach any related medical accounts or receipts.

Ask your employer to send the following to their insurance company within seven (7) days:

  • Completed claim form
  • Copy of the white certificate
  • Any accounts and receipts
  • Your employer’s completed Report of Injury form

Claim process

Assuming your claim is accepted, the insurance company will notify your employer by phone or fax to pay you at the basic award rate for time lost from work.

Reimbursement of any further paid medical or chemist expenses should be claimed directly from the insurance company, once your claim number is issued.

As soon as the practice has your claim number, we will bill the insurer. Until we have your claim number, the account will be in your name and you will be responsible for the account if the insurer denies the claim. Therefore it is in your best interest to notify the practice of your claim number as soon as you receive it.

Last, it is recommended you keep a copy of any documents you provide your employer.

Insurer obligations

Insurance companies have twenty-one days from when you make the claim, to accept or deny it. This period can be extended to forty-two if there is a reasonable excuse such as needing more time to obtain a medical report.

During this time, your employer does not have to pay your wages so you may want to claim sick or other leave until the insurer makes its decision. If you do not have any leave, you may be able to obtain sickness benefits from Centrelink, telephone 132 717.

Your obligations

As an injured worker you must:

  • Notify your employer of a workplace injury as soon as possible after the injury happens.
  • Participate and co-operate in the establishment of an injury management plan.
  • Make all reasonable efforts to return to work with your pre-employer as soon as possible, having regard to the nature of the injury.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) manages the state’s workplace safety, injury management and worker’s compensation systems. You can also phone them on 131 050.